Can I listen to other classes?
Of course! All the classes are open to everyone.

Do I need to bring a specific repertoire?
Not at all. But bring several works in order to benefit as much as possible from the valuable advices given by your professor.

How long is a lesson?
It depends on the professors and the number of lessons they give to each student.

Where are the teaching studios?
They are dispersed throughout Tignes. The cello classes are located near the Hotel to spare the cellists from carrying the instruments around.

How do I get around to different classes?
You can either walk and enjoy the nature, or take the bus which goes around the town regularly. The bus stop is about few minutes away from the hotel. The timetable is available at the hotel and the tourist office.

I am an instrumentalist (string, wind or voice). How can I work with the accompanists?
An accompanist is assigned to each class. The professor will ask the accompanist to come to the class when needed. You can also rehearse with the accompanist outside the class.

How can I participate in chamber music lessons? How are the groups formed?
Chamber music coaching is offerd free of charge to the students.
The meeting with the professor will be held the day after your arrival in Tignes.
Due to the important number of requests, priority will be given to pre-formed or partially formed groups.

Where can I find the music and scores for the chamber music?
Often on internet. But you can bring your own parts if you know already what you wish to play.

Personal practice

3 hours a day for the pianists isn’t that much!
It is enough if you want to take advantage of everything that is offered by MusicAlp.
In addition to your own lessons, you should listen to all other classes and broaden your horizon. You can also enjoy all the activities offered by the town as well as the nature.
However, you should be able to find a free piano to practice more than 3 hours. If there aren’t too many pianists, you can practice up to 4 hours.

I am not a pianist and don’t have a practice studio… How can I practice when I share a room with someone else?
No problem. All the rooms in the hotel are occupied by our students and no need to worry about the neighbours as long as you respect working hours, from 8h30 to 20h30. That means you have 12 hours for yourself to practice. If you apply early enough, we can also assign you with a pianist to share the room.
Reminder : don’t forget to bring your music stand.

Accommodation and meals

Is the hotel comfortable? Do I need to bring towels?
The hotel is very comfortable. The towels are changed in the middle of the session.
A bath towel could be useful if you want to go to the public pool.

I understand that lunch is not included in different options. Where can I have lunch?
You can go anywhere you wish including the restaurant of the hotel which prepares lunch and snack daily.

Can I choose the person to share my room?
Yes, you can make a resquest if you wish to share your room with someone you know.
Please let us know by email when you register online.
No change are allowed after you arrive in Tignes !
I am a vegetarian. What can I do?
No problem. The chef can accommodate your request.

What do I do when I arrive in Tignes?
If you take the Transdev-MusicAlp shuttle bus from Chambéry, you will be driven directly to your hotel.
After you register and check in, you can have dinner starting from 6:30PM.
There will be a meeting with the professors at 9:30PM.

I am going to come and stay in Tignes with my child who is a minor. Where can I find lodging? Is there a possibility to find an accommodation for my family?
You can share the hotel room with your child by registering as « accompanying person ».
 We can provide you a double, triple or quadruple room.
You can also come with your family and find an accommodation elsewhere in Tignes.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


Do I need to insure my instrument?
MusicAlp disclaims any liability in case of theft or damage to instruments or personal belongings. We advise you to take out a personal insurance.


How do I get to Tignes?
The nearest train station is Bourg-Saint-Maurice where you can find limited bus service to Tignes.
Call tourist office in Tignes for information :+33479400440
To facilitate your trip to Tignes, we are hiring Transdev buses to take you from Chambéry-Challes-les-Eaux train station to Tignes on the days of arrival (travel time : 2h30).
– We will wait for you in front of Chambéry train station between 2:30PM and 3:45PM on July 31   and August 11
– For the return from Tignes to Chambéry, the buses will leave Tignes at :
– 8:15AM on August 11 (do not reserve train before 11:00AM !!)
– 7:15AM on August 22 (do not reserve train before 10:00AM !!)
Reservation is required on the website of MusicAlp when you register or at the latest two weeks before the trip.
Price : 24€ for one-way and 48€ for round-trip


What is the dealine for the payment?
The total amount must be paid before June 30. But, if you wish, we can cash the cheques ultimately. Contact us for more information.

Do we have to pay for the bank charges when we make a wire transfer?
Unfortunately, yes. We need to receive the exact amount from you.


If I need to cancel my participation due to medical reasons, will I get the refund of the total amount I paid?
No, the cancellation due to medical reasons is treated just like other cancellations (see « About us » regarding cancellation) . You are advised to take out an insurance policy.